Your success is our success

We're interested in partnering with organizations/movements/people who:

  • have ideas that are crazy, zany and possibly impossible
  • are working with concepts with the potential to change everything
  • provide solutions for sustainably living on this beautifully conscious Earth rock
  • are helping their neighbours and communities in practical, tangible, creative and productive ways
  • are involved with works that inspire and move us all to higher levels of thinking, seeing and consciousness
  • are pioneers in their fields (which don't necessirily have to be planted yet)
  • are the only children of parents with large foundations and trust funds (wink)
  • et al

We'll help you bootstrap your project, clarify and expand the vision and show you how a virtual presence will create powerful results in a networked world.

Some technical information.

  • Drupal for content management - All our development is done on Drupal, an open source web development framework that has revolutionized the way people and organizations network, communicate and form a presence on the web.
  • 100% open source - all our development is done in an open source environment meaning your project budget is not bloated by licensing fees
  • Cloud compliant and scalable - Your project may be deployed on the cloud so that it can scale quickly and affordably for high usage. This model implies that your infrastructure grows as your project grows. There's no reason to fork out valuable capital for a high end, dedicated server cluster when you're just starting out.
  • Vision clarification and project consulting - We'll translate your vision into an achievable project with the best solutions, features and functionality - and within your budget.
  • Standards compliant and future proof - We will ensure that your project is compatible with all the latest technology, is accessible to the majority of users and can be upgraded to incorporate new features in the future.
  • Software for humans (both the left and right brain types)  - Your users are human, right? We help you identify the humanoids who will use your stuff and make it as likeable and user friendly for them as...humanly possible. User testing and profiling is an important part of our development process. *Note: if you are planning for non-human visitors contact our R&D department.
  • Watchamathingy processes - Our project management process is flexible and will match your project and our work style. We'll take care of the secondary details so you can create.

Tell us more about your project and what's on your mind. Make first contact. We love to hear from you.

Image courtesy of Antoine Saint-Exupéry