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Organic SA - Sustainable Living Community for Spanish Speakers

Organic SA is a community orientated project that promotes sustainable living and organic food production. The startup community is managed by one community manager who encourages networking in the community and reguarly adds relevant content to the website.

The traffic of the website and search engine positioning grew organically and within a period of 3 months, OrganicSA began listing on the first page of popular search engines for prime key phrases. The growing community consists of Spanish speaking individuals from all over Latin American and the rest of the world.

Organisations and individuals use the event listing to post notices about their events, the site directory to list their organisation and associated products; classifieds to post job offers and wanted job search adverts and the forums to get community input on various subjects.

Project Highlights

  • Status live: Version 2
  • #1 in search engines for various popular key phrases
  • small marketing budget and organic growth of traffic and community
  • close to 12 000 unique visitors each month
  • high signup percentage for memberships
  • community submitted content
  • community Forum
  • classifieds
  • custom industry directory for listing of businesses
  • custom user profile pages

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Project Reports and Updates

Project Launch Jan 25, 10