Drupal is Like...

The other day I had the idea of doing a search in Google on how people describe Drupal in simple words. These are some of the results I discovered:

Some are redundant:

Related with food:

Related with places:


Related to objects(lot about legos):

Related with jobs:

Related to other software:

Related to life experiences:

Some people don't like Drupal:

Finally a very enthusiastic one:

How do you describe Drupal?



Drupal is like a woman. Most of the time you really love to be with her, sometimes you just want to run away...far far away.


Drupal is like a grass fed cow. Feed her right and treat her with love and you can keep milking her. She'll even bear children that you can also treat well and milk for years to come. If you feed her strawberries you get organic strawberry shake. If you feed her chocolate, you get...the picture. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don't eat her after she retires. Put her in the pasture to enjoy her last few days watching her calves (distributions) take over.


Drupal is like China: fast, efficient, complicated and taking over the world.


I think Drupal is Sweet Baby, I can do anything here.
Sanitaryware in Mumbai