Canned Texts - Drupal Module for preset text strings in Support Desks

We're working on a support desk for Drupal sites. Most of the core functionality is provided by the Casetracker module. One of the support desk use cases, calls for a way that, allows users to insert pre-defined text strings into the support ticket.

Why? Support desk users (clients) often ask the same or similar questions. The best practice is for an organization to answer the question before it is asked. A listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a step closer to this best practice.

In our support desk, user support requests that are repetitive, may be converted to FAQ node types. Often site visitors ask questions that are already answered in the FAQs. The support team requires a way to easily insert FAQ content into replies to support tickets.

The Canned Texts module creates a drop down list widget that can be configured to appear below the node-form or comment-form text areas. The drop down list widget is  populated by a view of filtered node titles. The module adds a new display type to the view display options with 3 configuration options, that control where and how the widget appears.

We have been running a custom version of this module on a Drupal 5 site, for over a year and it has been well used by the support team. On average 7 clicks are eliminated by this module. The support desk that this module is a part of will be released as a Drupal feature.

One less click for the user, one baby step for usability.

canned texts animation

* Vector image by Mauro